Once you reach out about your design idea and needs, I'll follow up with you to get a rough outline of who your character is and a description of them. Together we'll develop a manageable timetable that works for you.


I'll be giving you a small survey, asking for key elements:

  • Number of characters (more than 1 if an illustration)    

  • Name    

  • Age        

  • Character appearance, from height and Skin tone to blazer and boots        

  • Photo references for me to work with    

  • Personality traits    

  • Relationship to story    

  • A rough overview of the story synopsis        

  • Story setting, whether time period or alternate universe    

  • Props    

  • Composition requirements and/or color Scheme    

  • Target audience    

  • Story genre        

  • + More information that you think would be useful for the design    


After I do some additional research on my end, I begin sketching rough concepts of your character. I'll come up with two to three outfits for you to choose from.


Once you give your first approval of the character's overall design and choose the concept you want, I'll continue the development process. Here I clean up the sketch details, work on additional views of the character and send the results for the second approval. If everything's a go from there, I begin the outlining process of the entire character's concept design.


Coloring time! Here I apply the color palette that either you supplied during the discovery process, or that I've come up with upon your permission. This part of the process is where I apply flat tones of color. Then I follow up with light, shadow, and texture.


I send you previews of your character's design fully rendered. Here will be your third and final approval for any required changes.


Once I get the go-ahead from you, it's on to packaging! I send you the files, formatted to your specifications, and you're on your way to world-building!