AKIRA : RE - Imagined

A visual development project to celebrate 2019. The year where Katsuhiro Otomo's manga AKIRA takes place. I wanted to challenge myself by recreating the image of futuristic Tokyo via the story's titular character, Kaneda Shotaro.


With this project, I did a reality versus expectation approach. A blend of Director Otomo's concepts of futuristic, chaotic Tokyo back in '88 compared to what 2019 actually became



Helmet and jacket designs incorporate Otomo's nod to mecha anime "Testujin 28," also known as Gigantor (1963). Here I experimented with blending designs from HOLY GRAIL OFFICIAL tech wear, the original design of Kaneda's jacket and Shawn Moghadam's helmet. Based on 2019 athleisure trends.



Experimented with creating Kaneda's bike as it might compare with 2019 models. Predominately based off SUZUKI and YAMAHA bikes.



I played around with ideas of Kaneda going about daily routine. His jacket logo designs show me playing around with an edgy watermark of sorts covering the whole back. The watermark made things a little too busy, so I scrapped the idea, focusing on the story of the logo. The pill numbers feature the year of the AKIRA manga release and the year when its story takes place.